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Why ?

Here's why.

The world is experiencing major crisis on various fronts. Out of all of that one of the most feared problems is a drastic change in climatic behaviour.
The re-shaping of the automotive industry to electric has been happenning for good. This is exactly where we step in. Our attempt is to re-define mobility and transport solutions and do that with a non-harmful, powerful, sustainable and futuristic approach. From power production to technologies that will power our cars, we intend to be a company that will be a part of the early domination in the electric car eco-system.

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What ?

The M-Zero

Our first product will be a two-door super sports car which will intend to break the major stereotypes about mass electric mobility.
Easier to develop, more powerful, quicker and an opportunity to exploit and integrate technologies that will re-define the way we think about mobility in the coming decade.
All of this and many more reasons to showcase a car which will also break the biggest jargon that electric mobility is expensive.
It is not!
A car that will compete with its I. C. Engine counterparts that are priced 5 - 10 times of the M-Zero.
Disruptive. Yes.

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How ?

We need your help. Let’s join hands and save our planet for the good.

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